We can heal the world ourselves.

One Humanity Movement

Providing vaccine injured with compensation, healing and community support.

Connecting pro-human communities, businesses and services globally.

The One Humanity Movement (OHM) is an initiative of Jab Injuries Global, one of the world’s leading non-profit advocacy organisations for the Covid-19 vaccine injured. With over 300,000 followers across 30 countries, Jab Injuries’ purpose is to recognise and support the many people damaged by the Covid-19 vaccines.

Why we exist

Governments have failed to recognise the suffering of those injured by the Covid vaccines or to provide adequate compensation. Currently no central platform exists to support the vaccine injured and connect pro-human communities, businesses and services, globally.

Our goals

Provide financial support to Covid vaccine injured people denied government compensation by funding small business and organisations under the OHM platform.

Support, connect and empower vaccine injured and pro-human communities, businesses and services globally on a central platform.

Be an ongoing positive force for change beyond Covid vaccine injuries.

Our strategy to support vaccine injured : See Road Map

Provide treatment and later financial support to the vaccine injured to help restore their health via public subscriptions to the One Humanity Movement.

Individuals pay One Humanity Movement a minimum monthly subscription fee of $5 minimum per month to access the entire application. (when built)

*Once the Application for iOS & Android has been built

*Businesses wanting to advertise their services pay One Humanity Movement a Subscription fee of $10 minimum per month.

*Sellers of services/products featured on the site will be charged a 3.7% transaction fee.

*Revenue is distributed to an independently regulated Financial Transparency Pool (FTP) to provide vaccine injured people and the community in need with vouchers for health products and services on the OHM platform. 

As the subscription base grows, credible partner organisations capable of medical and legal screening the vaccine injured will receive $2-3,000,000 p/month so they can further claim tangible funds. Applications will be reviewed by partner organisations.  

Once the OHM platform/application is built, the OHM community is expected to draw strong support from Jab Injuries’ 300,000 followers globally, the pro-choice movement numbering in the millions and the millions of people injured by the vaccine worldwide.

(In each country) OHM is projected to pay up to 20 new injured people a month who share their story $5,000 in OHM services and product vouchers every month. 

(in each country) OHM is projected to lodge $2-3,000,000  p/month with an organisation capable of legally and medically screening their illegibility to claim on injury expenses for as long as the injury persists.

Build a pro-choice community and economy

OHM partners featured on the sites will offer both vaccine injured and the wider pro-human community access to the goods and services they need to flourish in society: health, medical, legal, financial, housing, employment, education, entertainment, food, travel, wellbeing, community services, friendship, dating and transport. 

We anticipate building the world’s largest humanitarian movement  ever seen to create safety net for pro-choice individuals to connect, support, assist and trade with each other. This is a world first concept that will not only make major strides in healing the vaccine injured, but also building a caring and compassionate global community anchored by love and positivity. Something that is desperately needed in our current world. 

To read more about our concept, click here.