There are no heroes in this movement. Everyone is responsible!

At the top of every government, stands military might.

The world has never achieved world peace because war has never ended. The governments of the world want us to believe they have our best interest at heart, yet deception, suffering, disease, pollution, poverty and sin plagues our planet, and way of life.

If you look around the world, 95% of the news is a constant string of suffering and hardship mixed with societal distractions, gaslighting, aggressive oppositions and overpowering minorities. Even within our own “freedom movements” there is more focus on the problem than there is on the solution. 

If you are fighting the system by seeking accountability, protesting or rebelling ‘against them’, you are essentially waiting for the government to make change for you, you are acknowledging that they have the control, and ultimately change is in the hands of those who led us to where we are in now. Problem, reaction, solution. Even if the Government miraculously admits fault and “takes responsibility”, our biggest fear is that everyone forgets what has happened, and the government further implements their inhumane trajectory because they have regained the trust of people too soon. In this case, we have not yet learned that we are the solution

We are not Anti-government, we are not destructive, we are parallel, we are pro human. All that means is, we only have the best interest for everyone involved and we all gain by focusing on helping each other.

Too many people have now awoken to find themselves in a world of pain and suffering and the system can no longer accomodate to the awakening that has occurred. 

We don’t need to fight, we don’t need to rebel, all we need to do is HELP EACH OTHER and accountability will come indirectly.

In a nutshell, we will offer you an uncensored platform/application for iOS and Android, that gives you (the user) the freedom to buy, sell, trade and connect to local communities all around the world that offer their services and products and ideas.

(Think of every service application rolled into one) this will be a paid service, minimum $5 a month, with the option to contribute more if you see value in what we are offering. If you are a business offering your service, you will pay a little extra at $10 month. OHM is designed to work in power in numbers, not to get as much money out of you as we can and as we grow we will find new ideas to make sure that everyone benefits beyond helping the vaccine injured.

Every subscriber will eventually have a login to their own profile and just like you login to your bank account you will be able to see exactly the contribution of every paid member for COMPLETE FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY. All money coming in will accumulate in the Financial Transparency Pool (FTP).

All outgoing transactions will be visible to the entire community, so no lump sum of donated money can go missing or unseen for complete transparency. Our goal is to change the culture around donations to make your hard earned money goes to people and organisations that need it the most.

With all the accumulating funds in every OHM country’s FTP, the community and ourselves will nominate ideas as to what projects we should be putting the accumulating funds towards with a voting system that will allow you (the subscriber) one vote each month until the most voted project is fulfilled. 

To give you an idea, we aim to fund various organisations promoting sustainability, build natural health clinics and holistic medical centres, we aim to create our own work force picking up rubbish, planting trees, looking after animals and cleaning our oceans, purchase land for people,  fund organic farmers for our own food source, help people in natural disasters, pay for peoples funerals,  the options are endless.

The One Humanity Movement is a world first concept, our goal is to be the biggest movement and safety net the world has ever seen. If we all work together, we will literally change the world as we know it for only $5 a month. 

Everyone seeking accountability will receive it indirectly, We are no longer fighting to “prove”that people are COVID Vaccine injured and our governments are incompetent. We are helping the Covid vaccine Injured and giving communities support and a place to turn to if they feel that their government has abandoned them.

The new digital system is fast approaching and whether we like it or not, we need to be connected in a way, parallel to the current system.